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wow my tutor for avid looks kinda like u

Posted by creole on Mar 1, 10 9:35 pm · History

hey i was wondering if you can help me on the tutorial of Banneresque Colouring 3? I don't get when you add the texture.

Posted by Juli13 on Feb 18, 10 6:07 pm · History

Hi, I'd like to know where the original picture from your Iconesque Part 7 is from.

I'd also like to know where you get your images, including the one from Banneresque Part 2.

They're extremely purrty. (:

Posted by MarieInTheSun on Jan 31, 10 1:34 am · History

Kristina! Where have you been?!

Posted by futura on Jan 17, 10 1:16 am · History

Kristina, I need your last name and a short bio on yourself. It's for the BCNation design people page.

Posted by YDG on Nov 20, 09 2:59 am · History

let me eat yo' cake

Posted by creole on Nov 18, 09 2:36 pm · History


But dayum girl ;D I love your hair color.

Posted by manny-the-dino on Nov 6, 09 2:33 pm · History


Posted by YDG on Nov 3, 09 8:10 pm · History

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Posted by djsuono on Aug 16, 09 9:07 pm · History

the clipping mask part.

Posted by AdriaAlternative on Jul 21, 09 7:30 pm · History

for the clipping mask, the shape you make then hide, is that the mask?
or do i have to make another one using the image we made as a background?
sorry, im prolly missing something stupid.

Posted by AdriaAlternative on Jul 19, 09 1:27 am · History

is there anyway too remove my icon?

Posted by dannyy on Jul 18, 09 6:22 am · History


Posted by YDG on Jun 12, 09 11:36 am · History

Whoo! I'm numbah one in your top thingy! :D


And you never sent me the vexel.

Posted by YDG on Jun 10, 09 1:30 pm · History

Kristinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. We miss you :(

Posted by manny-the-dino on Apr 28, 09 12:36 am · History

hai Kristina. I'm so boredz. :( Post in the thread in the VIP Lounge. NAO. lol

Posted by Mikeplyts on Apr 11, 09 3:04 pm · History

because of work?

Posted by futura on Mar 28, 09 11:35 pm · History

i know, i have ocd when it comes down to it. =/
studying for calculus, but then i started falling asleep so i stopped haha.
how was your day?

Posted by futura on Mar 28, 09 10:09 pm · History

haha, i'm pretty sure it is! i met a dog like that once. but it was slightly bigger. sooo cute. i want a puppy. buy me one? (:

i'm good! just...studying kinda. what about you?

Posted by futura on Mar 28, 09 1:47 am · History

Hahaahaha, I know. Trying to pay him back. But that's nasty. A 18/19 year old & 30 year old.

Actually, I'd so hit that haha.

Posted by manny-the-dino on Mar 21, 09 3:13 am · History

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